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Serving the Vancouver area since 1987, AMPM Custom Homes proudly handcrafts custom built Laneway homes that are designed to be a unique showcase of quality, skill, and passion. Dedicated to providing the home of your dreams, we aim to always provide superior and personalized service which makes the whole design and home build process a pleasurable experience. When quality counts and heart matters, build an AMPM, Custom Homes.


Each AMPM Laneway Homes is designed to uniquely fit the family that calls them home. Because we were founded almost 30 years ago by a home buyer that dreamt of a better way, we have been taking the time to handcraft houses the right way, by maintaining our focus on you, the home buyer. We’re big enough to do the job, yet small enough to care for your needs.

AMPM Custom Homes, Vancouver Laneway House builder

Thank you for taking the time to explore AMPM Custom Homes, the best Custom Home Builders in Vancouver. For more than 30 decades, we have offered clients outstanding service and exceptional value. Our homes have spanned from villa-styled single-family homes to spacious luxury estates.

Once the decision to construct a new home has been created, expect the expertise and knowledge of AMPM Custom Homes, Inc. to create your dreams a reality. Why?


Simply put AMPM Custom Homes is a custom home builder that’s large enough to do the job and small enough to care. We just work to get a few customers at a time and the outcome is a higher level of custom service and a better-built home.

Client Service:

Supplying the ideal customer support was a crucial portion of our founding and its paramount to our firm today. Not only do we work closely with each client before and throughout the construction process we provide the best warranty in the industry using a how can we help mindset, not a that’s not insured mindset.

Laneway house  Quality:

AMPM Custom Homeowner’s get a home of the highest quality designed and built just for them. Each home is planned out according to how the family will utilize each room and Paragon customers can make selections of the fittings and fixtures from any manufacturer, not only the brand the builder selects.


AMPM Custom Homes is proud to be an energy efficient home builder. Employing sound construction practices and refusing to lower corners enables us to build homes that will help save you money monthly in contrast to existing homes or even compared to new homes that are not built with such maintenance

AMPM Custom Homes, Laneway House Builders, Vancouver knows the importance of selecting the right builder for your new home — a laneway house builder who listens and shares your vision. Allow AMPM Custom Homes design and build your brand new custom luxury home in the greater Vancouver region.

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